“Procrastination — Worst enemy of effectiveness.”

So, here you are again. You’re reading up on ways to stop procrastinating instead of actually working toward your goals. Far too often, it’s easy to find ourselves putting off an important task — even when we know we shouldn’t.

Step 1: Making the Realization that You’re Procrastinating

It’s important to realize when you’re procrastinating versus when you’re actually just re-prioritizing a work load. If you’re delaying one task because another important one came up, then you aren’t really procrastinating. However, if you are putting things off indefinitely or switching focus because you’re avoiding something, then you might be. Look at these warning signs:

  • Having an item on your to-do list for a lengthy amount of time (especially if it’s important)
  • Reading through your emails over and over without making any decisions about them
  • Starting a task — and then stopping because you need a snack, or coffee, or a walk
  • Spending your time on unimportant things like Facebook memes or Reddit videos, YouTube, etc.
  • Waiting until you’re in the “right mood”

Step 2: Figure Out the Reason Behind the Procrastination

Before you can figure out how to solve procrastination, you need to understand why you’re doing it. For example, are you intentionally avoiding a task because it might be unpleasant or boring? If that’s the case, you should take the steps to get it done quickly and then guess what? It’s over with!

Step 3: Use Anti-Procrastination Tips

  • Commit yourself to whatever task you’re doing. Focus on doing it, instead of avoiding it. Write down the task you need to finish and give yourself a deadline. This can help you tackle your workload.
  • Give yourself a reward, especially if you finish a hard to do task on time. This can be something simple like a piece of cake or an extra coffee from Starbucks. Rewarding yourself can make you feel better about completion and encourage more of it in the future!
  • Ask for help from your friends and family. Peer pressure can actually help you finish your task. If you know that someone is going to be checking in on your progress, you’re not going to let them down.
  • Minimize the amount of distractions you have. Maybe you need to take a break from Social Media for a while or avoid having the television on while you’re working. Even avoiding your email can do wonders. Make sure you ask people to leave you alone while you’re finishing an important task too.
  • Focus on getting the less pleasant tasks out of the way first so you can work on things that you really enjoy.
  • Keep a To-Do list. This will help you from “accidently” forgetting something that’s unpleasant or overwhelming.
  • Tackle your hardest tasks when you’re at your peak performance. When you’re feeling your best, you should do the hardest things on your list. If you can’t complete them while you’re doing great than you probably can’t finish them when you’re at your worst.
  • Set a timer for work. Start with small intervals. Tell yourself that you’re going to work at your to-do list for at least five minutes, then fifteen minutes, then thirty minutes. Setting a timer will allow you to have something to push toward. Then you can reward yourself when you complete a section! presents how I make a living in an attempt to show people there are other ways to earn income streams without succumbing to a 9–5 job.

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